Ever looked at your EX and wondered “was I drunk the Entire Relationship?

Yea I’ve had those moments too.
It’s cray how we change..

Well, I may not be the best.. But I’m definitely not like the rest



Busy Life

Working everyday all day! I really like being busy.

I’m babysitting right now and it’s so much fun. All I do is kissing them all day!


Porno Book

I’m reading this book and I not sure if that is a good idea since I won’t ever be able to find a guy after reading about this perfect man “Christian Grey” these men does not exist. Perhaps one in a million..

But honestly who wouldn’t want to be picked up for a date with a helicopter?

Still, I can’t put this book away! It’s kind of embarrassing to read it when I’m on then tram..


Busy Busy!

I work 5 days/week and babysitting my niece and nephew the rest of the week.

Do I have a own life? Not really. Who cares! I live every second of work and making money.

I’m on my way to work now.

I feel so rested after sleeping more than 12 hours :)))

It’s getting cold in this country and I just bought a thick winter jacket.

Well that’s all I have to write about today!


Jag ska sakna dig imorgon!

Lyssnar på Melissa Horn när det regnar!

Många tankar och känslor passerar mina hjärnceller.


Ne orka vara sån.. Dax att lyssna på nått annat… Kom shaka med shake kom dinga med kingen in!! Sean fula Banan haha

Ehh!! Who Cares?

So I’m here in bed and are not that tired..yet.

I mind as well write something on here since its been a while.

I hope you all are doing great, because I am feeling awesome. I will tell you all my secret for happiness. The answer is pretty easy and a million of other people have said this before me “to feel and be loved” I swear there is no better feeling in the world. I’m not only talking about the love from ones “boyfriend” or “family” it’s to be loved by everyone.

I can’t remember last time arguing or fighting or even been mad at anyone. I’m a very easy going person that like to live my life in harmony.

My father always use to tell us in a very early age that “only animals fight because they cannot communicate” and that we can talk ourselves out of fights if we do communicate well.

This for me is very true and it’s hard for me to understand the reason or purpose for war. There are so many history books and so much knowledge but still so many stupid uneducated people or should I say “men” who fight and who are in war! Why????

Sometimes I wish religion never excited. But I would be scared at the same time if it didn’t exist.. People would probably act worse than animals.

I don’t have a religion yet I’m sooo happy and don’t have any worries or problem with that. I’m still a good person, I love people they love me. I follow most of the rules and try not to hurt anyone, but I’m not perfect of course.. Who is?

I’ve done many things I regret but that I have learned from.

There is one more secret in life to be happy, except for being loved by many. That is to be nice to oneself and to love oneself.

I buy things I like for myself to make me happy, such as candy and food for instance. Also, I don’t get mad at myself if I don’t brush my teeth one day or don’t workout in a while.

Life is to short to worry about small things. Who cares if the room is messy.. Who cares if I only have $10 in my account? I’m still going out and having fun!

Who cares if the guy i dated played me and are not into me anymore! I can find a better guy.

Who cares if I look like shit and walk around with same clothes everyday, at least I’m comfortable.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is for you to be nice to yourself.

Anytime someone or something makes you sad or angry.. Just think.. Ehhh who cares.. And learn from it for next time :))

Time for me to sleep! Which I by the way loooove to do and therefore, I let myself sleep as much I like to.. Ehh why wouldn’t I?